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Long Beach, CA, United States
I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another. My work tends to focus on current emotions influenced by what I'm experiencing at the moment. Life has a way of falling into place after the struggles, and that is what I try to communicate through my Artwork. Although I use a variety of mediums and processes in each piece my methodology is consistent.

Mystic Waters

Title: Mystic Waters 
Medium: Acrylic on Wood 
Size: 30 X 60


     Artist's Personal Connection: It seems as if every stage of my life I am entering a new and unknown ground. I am doing things that I never thought possible. "Mystic Waters" is a reminder of the occult power that following your dreams has in your life. The significance of walking a new road with confidence and curiosity just because your heart tells you its the right path is what makes life worth living for.

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