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Long Beach, CA, United States
I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another. My work tends to focus on current emotions influenced by what I'm experiencing at the moment. Life has a way of falling into place after the struggles, and that is what I try to communicate through my Artwork. Although I use a variety of mediums and processes in each piece my methodology is consistent.

Solo Show 2013

As I prepare for a solo show in September of this year, I have an image in my head of a huge thick open book sitting on a small table in a dark room with a single spotlight beaming on it. Its an analogy of the feeling that I'm still writing the story of life. As this is fresh in my mind I realize that I want to live my life doing things that give meaning to my existence. I want to educate people through my art as I learn life's lessons myself leaving a trace behind. This is what my solo show will reflect. I've been analyzing the things that define me, being a Sagittarius and the characteristics that describe me. I think of words that describe my struggles, define me, and the things that I do and don't believe in. I've been painting hearts, keys and key holes to represent my heart and finding true love. In this solo show you will see the body of work that was developed during this search of identity.

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