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I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another. My work tends to focus on current emotions influenced by what I'm experiencing at the moment. Life has a way of falling into place after the struggles, and that is what I try to communicate through my Artwork. Although I use a variety of mediums and processes in each piece my methodology is consistent.

Rescate Ancestral

Title: Rescate Ancestral (Ancestral Rescue)
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 36'x48'

" Peoples Choice Award Winner, MUJER: THE FORCE WITHIN, 5th Annual Dia de la Mujer @ The Front! 03.08.2012"
Rescate Ancestral is a painting that developed during a time when I was analyzing my life and everything that has influenced in forming who I am today. Being the first generation born in the US from Mexican parents and growing up in both sides of the US/MX border I realized that I was given the option to choose between two completely different cultures. One that offered me a better quality of life, education, and better job opportunities. On the other hand, I had the culture that at a glance offered me no future but is filled with my history, my  ancestors, It has my roots. Therefore, the title of this piece is Rescate Ancestral (Ancestral Rescue), because even though I chose to become part of the culture that offers me a better future, I cant forget who I am and where I came from because that makes me who I am.The image of this woman  represents me in this American culture. I stand tall, proud of what I am and have accomplished. The disappearing headpiece represents my ancestors and my roots who I cant denied but are inevitably fading.

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